Our springs production Ing. Hugo Sampl GmbH arose from operation, which dealt with the production of watches of Mr. Johann Sampl and was founded in 1945.

After war, Johann Sampl produced spiral springs for moving coil mechanisms which were used in the reconstruction in power plants. The machines and tools for the production of those spiral springs were designed and built by Mr. Sampl himself.

Subsequently, springs were produced for the electrical industry from round wire. Hugo Sampl sen. took over the company in 1975 with his wife Irmtraud Sampl and developed it. He developed and built universal spring machines. Then big series of springs could be prepared with these machines. 1989 the production changed it's location and started in a new 700 m² hall in Gußwerk.

In 1991, Mr. Hugo Sampl jun. joined the company management and then the GmbH was funded, which lasts until now. A 2000 m² hall in Gußwerk was built and opened in 1995. The first electronically controlled spring machine was also developed at this time. It was a cooperation with an Austrian electronics manufacturer, which provided the electronics and control of the machines. To date, directed by Ing. Hugo Sampl jun. and DI (FH) Roland Harrer, springs are produced due to our home-made and constructed, electronically controlled spring coiling machines, continuous furnaces and automatic decoilers.